Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kahne & Westheimer, In the service of what?-Reflection

         I enjoyed reading this piece. I really understand what they are saying about the difference of charity versus change.  In my experience I feel like I’m making changes not just doing charity work.  When I go into my service learning I don’t feel like I am doing charity work because I know I’m actually making a difference in this student’s life.  I’m not just helping him pass a test, I’m helping him learn how to count and that’s something that’s going to be useful throughout his whole life.  I already see a huge improvement in his ability to count and the amount of objects he can count correctly; it’s such a great feeling.
         I also do in a way feel like the service learning is charity work because we are forced into volunteering for a grade in a class.  We have to have the teacher sign a community service sheet; we need a certain amount of hours and visits.  I feel like this takes away from the experience.  I enjoy doing volunteer work because I like helping people and I want to make a difference in this world.  Others volunteer solely because they have to for a class, because of probations or to graduate high school. 
         I don’t believe that if one is forced into volunteering that they are going to give it there all and they are going to do the bare minimum just to get by and get it over with.  

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