Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Safe Spaces, August-Hyperlink

Safe spaces is about how schools need to have a safe space where students of the lgbt community can feel safe in.  It doesn't have to be a big sign on the door but something simple like a rainbow flag sticker or books that relate to the lgbt issues and things like that.  
>the hyperlink I put there is the statistics of the lgbt students being  bullied.  It has the type of bullying and a prevention of it.  It says that gay and lesbian teens are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than the average teen.  They are targeted because of their appearance orientation and gender expression. It’s really sad that this has to happen.  This relates to safe spaces because it shows that a lot of theses school and teens that are being targeted don’t have the support from faculty and staff.  There so safe space for them to go to when this is occurring.   

There is a lot of projects and people trying to stop the bullying and trying to create a safer environment for the students.
>This link is to a site that offers a kit to buy to send to schools to create safe spaces.  GLSEN's Safe Space Kit is a collection of resources for educators to create a positive learning environment for LGBT students. It contains a 42-page guide that provides concrete strategies for supporting LGBT students, including how to educate about anti-LGBT bias. It also comes with 10 Safe Space stickers and 2 posters to help students identify supportive educators.  This is exactly what august is trying to get across in the reading Safe Spaces.  

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